We Are The Famous Dodo 

A limited NFT collection of  1000 NFT (Series 1) available exclusively on OpenSea - Polygon Ethereum blockchain. We already working on 10,000 (Series 2) with +30 traits and later this year a 3333 - 3D NFT's (Series 3) collection.






There is no GAS FEES. 

We've decided to promote all the FAMOUS DODO brands here in Mauritius and around the world to help them reach a world wide audience. In support we ask that you only share our FAMOUS DODO NFT project. To best support us we invite you to get a FAMOUS DODO now while they still at the low Floor Price of 0.0125 ETH.


How We Came About

The FAMOUS DODO project started from a conversation with my cousin after a delicious Sunday lunch. I showed to him how NFT's was the best investment of 2022 after so many brands such as Nike, Adidas, Ferrari and Mc Laren all launched their NFT's. The most impressive stats came from the leading NFT website NFT-STATS.COM.


What was most impressive was that NFT's had a $23B trade volume in 2021 from just a $100M in 2020. That was my "Eureka moment" and where I decided to make my own NFT project. So we got started on ideas and what would be a cool NFT. You know what animal, design and traits. I showed him the Crypto Punks and Bored Apes which he could not believe the amount they recently sold for. He was truly amazed like we all are. We settle on the DODO idea even though there were already DODO's NFT's and Tokens projects. We both said none were from nor made from Mauritius island where the DODO is most Famous for. So ..... 


As soon as I got back to my apartment in Floreal in the evening I worked on the project, secured the domains FAMOUSDODO.ART / FAMOUSDODO.NFT, I worked on the website designs and the NFT's traits. I started researching for the best NFT designers which YUKI our Alchemist of Art from the Philippines which goes under the name of Atelier Astarotte stood out from the rest. I appointed her for this first series and after only 10 days plus two revisions she got it right. YUKI did such a fantastic job on the series 1 collection of 1K NFT's that we all love so much that I asked her to work on the 10K collection (Series 2). There is a 3rd series planned as a 3D collection of 3333 dodos. The idea and masterplan is to build an entire  GameFi and Shopping Experience in the Metaverse for all FAMOUS DODO brands. This will only happen after we either sell out at least 50% Series 1 and Series 2 so we can fund our  Metaverse / Gaming projects or in the case we raise the capital for this 3rd Phase it will happen sooner. We have so much ideas for this game  and the virtual shopping experience in the metaverse we cannot wait to share with our investors, partners and designers.


On this note, if you are a 3D designer and game developer we are looking for our 3D designer and we are open to partnership, revenue sharing and credit for this project. 

We trust you liked our concept, the roadmap and will support our NFT project. We are committed to giving 10% of all the proceeds to two NGO's Mauritius Wildlife Foundation and Durrell.Org and others.

Should you wish to partner with our NFT project as a DODO brand Ambassador or like to be an investor. Do not hesitate to reach out. 


THE FAMOUS DODO from the Island of Mauritius looking to enter the Metaverse this 2022.



What We Are About


THE FAMOUS NFT PROJECT was done by only 2 persons. An internet entrepreneur with 15 years in Branding / Marketing who was into publishing as an ex-publisher and a true art passionate with a modest physical and digital art collection. This is by far my biggest achievement after publishing 20 magazines and selling these publications and marketplaces last 2021 to a UK PR/ Investment firm. And YUKI our designer from the Philippines. She fell in love with our project through her design and commitment to make us all smile at these FAMOUS DODO.


I shared my vision to YUKI and after two take we had our FamousDodo 2D design. The 3D designs was purchased online as we fell in love with it. We are now looking for our 3D designer and partner to work on the 3333 - 3D collection P2E project and investors for the DODO Shopping Experience in the Metaverse. 


We are building our community on Twitter and Telegram for now as we are not yet very familiar with Discord. Our Discord group will be launched once we have found investors for Phase 2 of the project the DODO Shopping Experience in the Metaverse and Phase 3, the 3333 - 3D P2E project. Thank you to Support / Follow and Share our project to your NFT network. 

Meet the Founder & Designer 

Our Offices

Our Studio in Mauritius & The Philippines

Looking for a potential collaboration which can benefit both parties.


Do not hesitate to reach out. 


We’d Love to Work With You

You have an idea, a promotion request or like us to work on your NFT project?